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My Head is Biz Tech

May 19th, 2009 12:00 am

This one really belongs in my Tumblr. My head is biz tech. I see the chips mounted onto motherboard sockets along with the memory, peripherals, and power connections. I see the oled touchscreen fastened to the waterproof plastic shell. In it, I see the html, dom, javascript, css, php, ajax, xml, sql, flash, actionscript, os, http, soap, ssl, cpus, wifi, oc192 and everything else that makes up our internet working together to make internet machines. I see millions of machines positioned both strategically and freely operating in synchronized automated dance routines that touches all of our senses. I see search engines and other internet agreggators easily finding all specifically positioned internet entities and exactly what they are taking from them. I see how they are processing their content and how they are latent semantically analyzing them. I can see them from a distance and how they process geo-ip-graphically. I literally see these things in their component form in my head. I literally see all of the computer languages and all of the protocols with all of the powered hardware and all of the internet signal distribution nodes talking to each other in unison to form complete automated internet mechanisms. This blog will be about those internet mechanisms, the internet technologies of today, and the internet devices of tomorrow.

Today our internet is truly on the verge of change. We are almost at a time in history when high-speed broadband internet will be available virtually all around us. We are on the verge of the next internet BOOM. We will have access to (and hopefully I will have the capital to be inventing) all sorts of internet devices. I will save the real fun toys for later, but we will have access to music, videos, media, social networks, and more from almost anywhere anytime. A new meaning for ecommerce. I literally see what the market wants tomorrow. Do we call it web 2.0 still? I believe it is just about time for web 2.5.

I call one of my internet robots
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