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Hit By Van

September 14th, 2013 11:22 am

It was one of those days in New York City - hot, muggy, and the sky shaded dark freakishly ready to storm. Around 2pm Thursday went for a quick lunch 2 blocks away from our office space inside Ebay New York. Still dry after getting a sandwich and walking into Duane Reade between 17th and 18th st an unexpected flash storm occured out of nowhere. So I started to run the one block to avoid the down pour - and then while crossing 18th st at 6th ave, looking to my left watching cabs sit at the light - BAM!!! ... next thing I'm on my ass watching a huge white cargo van running over my left leg. Perspective (from what I think I remember) - I'm running across the street north on the west side of 6th ave, van hits my right leg forward spinning me to my right and onto the ground, too close in front of the van it's about to run over my left leg. Life and legs flash before my eyes... the right front tire either hits my left leg or I'm still sliding a few feet from momentum - I'm watching the tire about to run over and crush my left leg - and before it can, I get up, feel myself up and down for damage and start running back into the building in shock. I'm saying to myself "so lucky, so lucky, so lucky"...

For at least the rest of the month, all challenges with the company and personal life pale in comparison to the fact that I get to keep my legs for another day. After a small break and icing, it's back to it doing everything I know possible to push the company and life forward to succeed. Had it been a fraction of a second sooner or later, the outcome may have been dramatically different.

A way I wanted to restart this blog is with a story - and what better than one that reflects the path I've been on. Put obstacles, challenges, pretty much anything in the way - it's relentless execution, persistence, and dash of luck that has defined the journey so far.

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