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First Time For Life Internet Entrepreneur Confessions

June 9th, 2009 12:00 am

The mindset is simple. Do whatever is necessary to ensure an opportunity to venture, begin building the industrial grade internet machines in my brain, and transform them into businesses that all have clear paths to exit. This journey starts with building a skeletal prototype, using it to power and scale internet businesses, and then using the exit for seed money to power the rest. Results guaranteed and directed to solve a problem that our internet poses for the small business. It is always a race against the clock, which in itself fuels the energy for 14 hour workdays. Market research, business planning, and VC/angel investor brain reading consume all the time spaces in between. The venture capitalist blog circuit and Twitter profiles of both angel investors and venture capitalists provide the knowledge of who I aim to inevitably become. It is all about introducing an internet scenario that invites a fair yet high valuation. It is all about introducing category killing clear path to exit internet machines that provide value to the world while causing disruption.

It wasn't always such a direct path. When I first started the path toward internet mastery in 1999, the internet dream was to create a residual income that was generated solely through the creation of what my own two hands could generate. The years past, I lived the college experience, tried to stay awake, then in 2005 I had my first internet vision. After dropping out of CSULB four classes shy of my bachelor's degree, I began a venture that cost me my credit and three and a half years of my life. My first run at venture ended in failure, but I didn't walk away empty handed. Now there is a comprehension of internet that enables internet visions. I now have a complete internet education that no university currently provides. And most importantly, I walked away trained with discipline for having patience, and learned a great appreciation for when things go as planned. This is not a fly by night operation, they are calculated steps where the odds of success increase over time.

There are a few things that I realize. When I sound crazy commenting on Fred Wilson's blog, what I am really doing is setting a tone for the future. As the come from nowhere internet entrepreneur, I understand that finding a team and building a network is a core attraction to venture capitalists and angel investors. In the meantime, I can show them my brain by participating in their arenas, and sometimes even earn feedback that should be as valuable as gold to any aspiring entrepreneur. So when the time is right, when the businesses running on the prototype have traction, when the deal is completely clean and all the docs are solid, and when there is even a little seed money to boot, I won't be a complete stranger walking through their door. I'll at least be that crazy guy who spoke of visions for the internet version of Walmart.

Is it so wrong that all I want to do is build internet machines? I look to build a team that will take my directions for profitability and turn them into solid financial models. Put those MBA's to good use. Though I believe I will be racing against the clock for at least the next few years, I am no longer anxious that someone will come along and build one of the machines in my brain before I have a chance to. The fact is, whether you believe it or not, we are on the verge of the next internet BOOM. Smartphones, netbooks, and even the television are all becoming internet mediums. Three days from now, the airwaves begin opening up for next generation internet here in the US. Soon enough we will be engulfed with internet devices that currently do not exist. And as long as this future is imminent, I will have internet innovations to provide the world with. One step at a time. This train has been set into motion.

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