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30 Things 30 Years

March 9th, 2010 12:00 am

What I’ve learned and what I live by – 30 years on the planet.

I build internet, so it may not apply.

Whenever truly alone in life, embrace the time don’t waste it.

Do what you say, say what you mean, especially to yourself.

Keep a diary of ideas, never hesitate to act on the best ones.

Domain experience plus evolving awareness enables innovation and the perception of magic.

Never take waking up for granted, too many will never again have the chance to.

Search visible fast loading popular internet machine = success.

Value your time, get more by the second, it’s limited and adds up.

When lucky enough, cherish true love, it doesn’t happen very often.

Don’t put the business on personal credit, people will lend money to help build great ideas.

You’re either an entrepreneur or not, in between ensures failure or worse mediocrity.

Encourage the vision and innocence of children, not their ignorance.

Knowledge is wealth, health is happiness, cash pays it all.

If you have a gift, use it to get ahead, not a head that gets used.

There is physical, then there is love, and it’s a blessing to have both.

Life happens cosmically, when life tells you, you should listen.

Live by a checklist, execution better when planned.

Keep the integrity always, karma is real.

Failure is an option, fear is not.

Love what you do by doing what you love, especially if you do it best.

Seek discomforting evidence, the world is full of bullshit.

Always in your head, keep going, there is no fail.

Trust yourself before you trust others, embrace the connection to those you really trust.

Learn from mistakes, your own and others you know.

Be responsible, nobody cares, too many judge, so be aware of who is watching.

Healthly diet, daily excercise, aim it in the mix.

Stretch the back, build it sitting down, build it standing up.

Make time for yourself, if it ends tomorrow, there should be no regrets.

Easier to ask for money after you are proven, so try not to need anything and keep building it.

Need to provide more than value, must provide incentive.

Discipline and sacrifice always worth it when building dreams.

Still building the milestones, working on a better way to build internet…

Public beta by year end.

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